Monday, July 23, 2007

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I know it's been a long time before I've posted any sort of drawing, or anything for that matter- and for that I have no excuses; only an appology. not to just you guys, but to myself as well. It's been a tough tough road towards an older age, and i'm currently going through the growing up all the way stage..Where you work a whole lot, and get your own place, and slowly get on your feet- and hope for some opertunity to take you for a ride.

Anyways, it's good to come back swinging with a greater force than before, and to remember how much we artists love drawing, how much fun it was to create these images that last for hundreds of years if we let them and keep them safe. it's just good to have a passion for something, to strive to become all in which we can be, and to do what we love because it's what we love. I think In the past I've come acrost some how that I love animation because it's the best job for me- who's to really say what's the best job I draw/animate because it's what I love and that's it, that;'s all there is to say.

I've been reading some really inspiring blogs latly; and Ill tell you.. wow. theyre are some really nice guys and girl artists out there!!! artists who just love what they do..that's what counts so much.

Pictures are almost worth more than words; So below are a few skecthes from a couple books, I'll post more later tonight or tommarow.

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