Saturday, March 10, 2007

Animation background

So As some may or may know. My love for animation has always gone back a long ways. From the love of being at Disneyland when I was little

To Collecting everything animation and a few other cool toys

To pretending to be Simba

There was also a time, where I was in this thing called "tetchno-kids" which was basically "tech-Know-Kids" but spelled diffrent. It was a program for kids who knew more about computers than their teachers- of course I was always in the "know" about computers. But anyways being that that school program opened a few doors for me.. the teacher would literally call me from class to come fix her computer. In fact, I even had my own personal buisness card So the teachers would call me to come fix their computer. Anyways, one teacher named Mrs Airs became aware of my assitance and asked if I would be willing to teach 2nd graders about the computer and about this program called "Kid Pix" So every two days of the week I would go to their class and teach the kids about the Animation part of kid pix, and showed them how to make their own little movies. here they are- I cant remember theyre names (it's been SOO long) But I do remember their faces and their personalitys.

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