Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Hey, Hey, Hey-Everybody!

How is everything little thing? I've been mad busy! This wedding and working all the time has taken the energy right out of me like a cumcumber who just went into a pickle jar (whatever that means) Well.. ok. They have cut my hours, and yes I do only work 3 days this week.. I admit it. But hey Im still busy with some other stuff, but NO EXCUSES! I'm ready to get back to the old grim, or.. drawing board which ever your prefer.

I have a couple of drawings, one like mad crazy go nuts pablo picasso style.. I drawed it in pencil and I drawed it in like 20 mins, and I have some other fast sketches on the way, and the logner ones you gotta w8 for! Shorry!!!

Wowsa... I work in like an hour or two ttyl yall!

Your friend,
Cory Ag

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