Sunday, December 31, 2006

Animation Artist working at BK or Bk working an animation artist

Well the year is now over..well..almost. And I'm happy to say im pretty satsfied with the work i've done this year. I'm not even going to look at all the other stuff that happend, I'm just going to focus on how far i've come from drawing stick figures to where I am now. I feel more and more comforatable with my ability to get things out of my mind and onto paper. I have a few new years resultions, like... quit sitting around and doing nothing after work, getting outside more, taking my sketch pad and filling it up, get money saved up.. ect ect.

Anyways, I finnally got the Robin hood most wanted edition for Christmas! It rules alot. The animation is stunning. You know what, I really want to get curious george on dvd I can express how much inpseration that film gave me, it was like a big hit on the head.. like "hello!!! why didnt you think of this film!" it's more of a joyess Jelousy feeling, like "man, I wish I could have been apart of that film.." but then thats all apart of learning, and it can create other ideas.

Ok, let me check my folder and see if I have anything to post other than me rambeling


Ok here are a few things I've been meaning to post.. Most of these are pics of Orangemas.

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